Confessions of Progression

I have a deep secret, and this is my confession,

Words thought but never uttered, of a self-taught lesson

Even the strongest can get sucked into a deep depression

Using smiles as denials to cover inner expressions

It’s hard to remain happy in a world of bad news

Any action can be the act in which lights ones fuse

Massacres occurring daily, out of the blue

Never knowing if the next victim could be you.

These thoughts use to consume my inner peace

Where’s hope for our children in a world infested with beast?

So I have this deep secret and this is my confession

Words thought but never uttered of a self-taught lesson

I lost faith in our children, humanity as a whole

I judged every walking being as a man without a soul

Only darkness could be seen with no light in sight

I felt like a lonely soldier defending the good fight

Defending the belief that if you try with all you might

You can excel in this world,

The black and the white

The poor and the wealthy

The sick and the healthy

The weak and the strong

The right and the wrong

I kept looking for answers but kept seeing the same faces

Not realizing that I was looking in all empty places.

I found the hope in the dreams of the children on this earth

Dreams embedded in their minds from the moment of birth

But where’s the worth in a dream never fully outlived?

What’s the fairness in competition if the outcomes are rigged?

They say that every generation should upgrade from the last

But this generation in this nation is retracting to the past

The best scores on test scores are from children overseas

We pass kids to the next course making barely C’s and D’s

If violence swarms our news daily like a hovering storm

Should it be a shock that school shootings are becoming a norm?

But instead of solving the issue, the problems still linger

No one to take the blame, just the pointing of the fingers

“It’s the parents fault; no let’s blame the teachers,

No let’s blame the church, put it on the preachers!

No let’s blame Obama, let’s blame the laws

Let’s blame the economy and all of its flaws.

Yet we drop our jaws when the results arrive

Children placed in a world not equipped to survive

I had to share this secret, express my confessions,

I grabbed a mirror and began my courses of a self-taught lesson

Instead of making excuses for our children’s regression

I asked myself, what can I do to provide them progression?

Now, class is in session

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